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What is Pulsed Field Ablation?

PFA is a type of electroporation, a subset of Pulse Electric Field technology, that has wide-ranging applications, both within the healthcare field and beyond. Some novel uses for PFA including pasteurization of orange juice as well as potato processing. In the operating theatre, it is most commonly used to ablate tissue. Cardiac ablation is a delicate process in part due to the general sensitivity of heart tissue as well as implications for surrounding cellular structures.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

If you or a loved one are considering cardiac ablation to treat AFib, your doctor can provide further details about what options are available. During your discussion, you should consider the following:

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Will ablation using PFA increase my likelihood of a successful outcome?


Is PFA safer than current ablation options?

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Will I need to be fully sedated during the procedure? What is my expected recovery time?

Additional Resources

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Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA) is a relatively new technology that is ever-changing. Several clinical trials have explored the efficacy of PFA across a variety of pre-clinical and clinical settings. Below are additional resources that highlight the efficacy and safety benefits of PFA:


Journal of the American College of Cardiology


Journal of The American Heart Association

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